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With more than 20 years of experience in the Mozambican market, CCS, Lda supports the installation, growth and sustained development of more than a hundred customers, in the most diverse sectors of activity - from construction to the extractive industry, from commerce to financial services, from agricultural companies to health services, from food distribution to transport and logistics.

Internal Audit


We work with qualified personnel to provide our customers with the highest quality standards with assurance of reliability.

Legal Administrative Services


We are empowered to support on various processes.



We have extensive experience in the preparation of tax planning, as well as the intrusion of tax reviews and complaints and present with the Tax Authority



We prepare invoices in the PHC system, duly accredited by the Tax Administration and which adapts to the business needs of our customers.

Human Resources


CCS benefits from specialized professionals with experience in this area. As a result, our customers will be better positioned for their main activity.


At CCS, we are dedicated to helping our customers not only survive, but thrive. Our dedicated accounting and reporting consulting professionals provide our clients with a wide range of high-level consulting services.





We are a dynamic company always engaged in the quality of our services, and with experience in the area in which we provide services, namely:

Our services